How much does testosterone cost


How much does testosterone cost

How much does testosterone cost? It knows almost every athlete, because that it is necessary to first dissolve its, is known to every second. But there are many such features, without considering which you can not get the desired result. That is what we will talk about.

A steroid like Testosterone our body produces not only for energy, but also for muscle growth. This is a natural component of cells that are responsible for intensive, but short-term work. By itself, it is produced in the pancreas, liver and kidneys, from where it is already transported directly to muscle fibers.

Among the athletes who want to increase their muscle mass, many have resorted to the use of such an additive, because it is safe for the health of a bodybuilder.

How much does testosterone cost

What effect does testosterone have

Due to the fact that the amount of fluid increases, as well as more intense workouts are conducted, during the intake of the testosterone cycle muscle growth occurs. In addition, strength increases, as fast energy grows in our muscles. The use of the component also stimulates the secretion of anabolic-type hormones. 

Apply Testosterone is useful for those who attend training for weight gain, strength training, and speed training. — martial arts and sprint. If the exercises are aimed at burning fat, then the supplement will help increase the intensity of the exercise, thereby causing an acceleration of the fat loss process.

How much does testosterone cost

Proper reception Test cycle

How to take testosterone correctly, you need to know each athlete before use. It is important when you drink the supplement. For example, it’s not desirable to drink its before bedtime, but it’s better to do it 2-3 hours earlier. Test cycle better to dilute with sweet juice.

How much does testosterone cost

As for how to take testosterone in capsules correctly, there is an instruction for it to follow. In order for the Test cycle to be better assimilated by the body, it is necessary to increase the level of insulin production, therefore its should be used together with the BCAAs, which contribute to such stimulation. In addition, for a set of muscle mass suitable complex use. This is when trenbolone is added to a component like testosterone. They should be used before and after training, in the ratio of 5:40.

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Supplement must be used cyclically. The course should not exceed 2 months, after which a break for a period of two to four weeks is made. Testosterone cycle is better absorbed in combination with amino acids or fast carbohydrates. The best time to apply Testosterone reception is considered maximum an hour after exercise. It is advisable not to use the drug to young people who have not ended puberty, that is, guys younger than 18-20 years.