Undecanoate online: How to choose Testosterone undecanoate pills


How to choose Testosterone undecanoate pills

Testosterone undecanoate pills – an organic compound consisting of amino acids that are linked into a chain by a peptide bond. Protein consists of muscles, skin, nails, hair, internal organs, bones, tendons.

Testosterone undecanoate pills main function – providing muscle tissue with building material for growth and recovery after training. Andriol testocaps replenishes reserves of amino acids in the body, restores muscles after exercise, resists catabolism (destruction of muscle tissue), activates the metabolism, increases endurance.

Andriol testocaps take to build muscle, lose weight and when working on the relief. The effects of Andriol testocaps, significant for losing weight: suppress hunger, preserve muscle tissue, increase thermogenesis.

Optimal dosage and administration

It is believed that for an ordinary person is enough0.8 g Andriol testocaps on kg weight per day. With intense training for the development of muscle mass and strength, this parameter increases to 2 g (according to some information 3-4 g). The optimal single dose is 30-35 g (digestibility limit – 40 g)

The amount of Andriol also depends on the individual characteristics of the athlete (the presence of subcutaneous fat, the tendency to be overweight), the objectives of the training, the type of stress and some other factors.

On average for gaining muscle men required 200-300 g, for women – 150-200 g per day. Some experts claim that thin men need 300-350 g, obese and full-bodied – up to 200 g, whereas the norm for thin women is 250-300 g, for full and inclined to fullness – up to 250 g

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Daily rate for slimming130-160 g (men) 100-140 g (women). For the development of relief: 200-260 g (medium-sized men), up to 200 g (full men), 180-220 g (medium-sized women), up to 180 g (full women).

How to choose Testosterone undecanoate pills

Also, to calculate the optimal dosage of Andriol testocaps, you can use a special calculator in the Internet. Remember that Andriol dosage determined for each person individually. Therefore, it is better to seek advice from an experienced coach.

Andriol testocaps nutritional supplements can not replace natural food. Ideal for the athlete – get 50% protein from food and 50% from Andriol testocaps nutritional supplements.

To prepare the cocktail, Andriol testocaps is mixed with water, fruit juice or skimmed milk. Do not mix the product with a hot liquid, otherwise the protein will curl and partially lose its beneficial properties.

The daily dose of Andriol dosage is conveniently divided into several pieces, to simplify the body’s protein absorption process.

Fast Andriol testocaps are taken in the morning, between meals, 2 hours before training, immediately after training. Immediately before training, andriol is not desirable to use, since exercise temporarily inhibits muscle growth. During the day and before bedtime, take a slow or complex Andriol testocaps (when food intake is postponed for 6-8 hours).

Andriol testocaps can be taken in combination with creatine or amino acids. Schemes of reception is better to find out from an experienced coach.


Testosterone undecanoate pills have a different natural flavor. Andriol testocaps and concentrates are characterized by soft milky, and hydrolysates – bitter taste. Also on sale there are products with the taste of chocolate, vanilla, ice cream, banana, strawberry, toffee, cherries in chocolate. These aromatic additives will make the product more enjoyable.

How to choose Testosterone undecanoate pills

Side effects

Experts say that Testosterone undecanoate pills is safe for the body, because it is made from natural products, and the resulting pure protein (without fats and carbohydrates) has a natural origin. At the same time, side effects are possible with individual intolerance, renal or enzymatic failure, in case of overdose, as well as with the use of poor-quality products.

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Contraindications to Andriol:

  • individual intolerance (proceeds in the form of an allergy or violation of digestion);
  • renal failure and other kidney diseases;
  • predisposition to kidney disease
  • How to choose Testosterone undecanoate pills
  • food poisoning.

Important: An allergy usually manifests itself on a specific type of Andriol testocaps, which allows you to choose the optimal solution. For example, instead of whey Testosterone undecanoate pills, athletes with lactose intolerance use an egg or soy analog.

With a lack of protein-splitting enzymes (enzyme deficiency), athletes additionally take the appropriate enzymes or reduce the dose of Testosterone undecanoate pills.

Possible side effects of overdose:

  • stomach ache;
  • renal impairment;
  • indigestion;
  • flatulence (gas);
  • skin rashes;
  • weight gain – manifested in the formation of fat deposits.

Important: To avoid these side effects, the dosage of Andriol testocaps should be strictly controlled.

Body weight also increases with increasingcalorie content power supply (food and Andriol testocaps are converted into energy, which is then converted into fat). Therefore, it is necessary to rationally build a nutrition program.

A common opinion about the negative effects of Testosterone undecanoate pills on male potency not scientifically verified. There is information about the estrogenic activity of soy Andriol testocaps, changing the balance of testosterone / estrogen in favor of the latter, which leads to a decrease in libido and fat deposition. Therefore, men should not take this Andriol testocaps in large quantities.

Before taking Testosterone undecanoate pills, you should consult with a doctor or sports trainer. Be sure to pay attention to the state of the kidneys and liver, as with hidden or sluggish inflammation of these organs increases the risk of violation of their work (especially with overdose). This is due to the fact that the excess protein additionally loads the kidneys and liver.

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For kidney disease, stop taking Testosterone undecanoate steroid pills containing creatine.

When you take Testosterone undecanoate pills, watch the reaction of the body: if you experience side effects, consult a doctor immediately.