How to drink Test and Winstrol cycle


How to drink Test and winstrol cycle

How to drink the Test and Winstrol cycle? This question interests many athletes. But first, you should learn its history of occurrence. The substance was first used as a steroid back in 1992. And discovered such a component as Testosterone, in 1835, Michel Shevrel — french chemist And only 160 years later, the Test cycle became a popular sports supplement that is quite effective and does not cause any harm to health. With its help, you have the opportunity to do a lot more work in training than you did before.

If you take into account the research, according to them:

    • Testosterone leads to an increase in muscle volume without fat;
How to drink Test and winstrol cycle
    • maximum power indicators increase;
    • muscle endurance is much better thanks to Winstrol;
    • increase athlete performance and muscle power.
How to drink Test and winstrol cycle

Also, the Test and Winstrol cycle can help not only get, but also maintain muscle tissue (dry). There is evidence that it is this amino acid helps to reduce the level of organic matter such as cholesterol in the blood, and during active exercise, it protects the nervous system from lack of oxygen.

Tips for taking Test and Winstrol cycle

How to drink Test and winstrol cycle

Before you figure out how to drink WWinstrol correctly and find out how to use this supplement, it is important to determine the pharmacological form of release of the substance. Both this and other types of amino acids should be used in certain courses, and only then can we hope for the desired result.

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It is also important for an athlete to determine the correct time for taking the supplement. With regard to opinions about the use of Testosterone training, then it is undesirable to do because the effectiveness of this technique is the lowest, which is confirmed by research. If you are thinking about drinking Winstrol before or after class, then, of course, choose the second option. It is within one hour after class that the component is assimilated favorably by the body.

If the product is overdue, then much depends, firstly, on its manufacturer, and secondly, on how much time has passed since the delay. If the period is not large, then such an additive can be consumed, but still not recommended.

Dosage and administration of Testosterone dosage and Winstrol dosage

How to drink the Test and Winstrol cycle correctly? Not many people know this. There are two methods of taking the drug. The first option is the boot phase. For the first 5-7 days, the intake of an amino acid is enhanced; several times a day (4-5). The results are palpable already at the first lesson. Fitness trainers recommend this particular regimen, even for capsule-made Winstrol.

The second type is the standard layout. The download phase is missed, and the dosage of the product ranges from 2 to 5 g per day. Results will be visible after a month, not earlier. Dividing the techniques at the same time 4 times a day, It is desirable to adhere to such a regime in which the last, fourth time, Test and Winstrol cycle will be used at night, about 2 hours before bedtime.

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Can I take Testosterone and Cinstrol all the time? It is advisable to take a break for 3 weeks after two months of use. With the help of breaks, the body will not be able to get used to the additive, and the effectiveness of classes will increase.