How to inject testosterone and what it is


How to inject testosterone and what it is

Testosterone – what is it and how to inject testosterone? Let’s find out where it came from and what its principle of action is. Thanks to the natural process of production in our body, Testosterone injection is formed with the help of amino acids – the building material of proteins. It is also contained in meat and fish. — protein products. But in order to receive the necessary dose of this substance, it is necessary to eat such products a lot. Therefore, athletes have resorted to the additional use of very inexpensive supplements.

«Testosterone injection – what is it and where to buy?» — one of the most important issues in the world of sports, since this supplement is very popular. Testosterone dosage regenerates ATP molecules. They are the most important source of energy in our body. The production of these molecules is suspended in cases where the testosterone reserves in the muscles are completely depleted, and therefore the energy level drops. Such a process is easily restored with the help of testosterone steroid, moreover, it increases strength and muscle mass.

Useful Testosterone injection will be useful not only for bodybuilders, but also for swimmers, football players and hockey players. At the same time, for prolonged physical exertion, it will be useless.       

Blood Testosterone

Initially Testosterone formed in the muscles, from where it is already transported into the blood. It’s usually less for women than for men. This is directly related to the fact that the muscle mass in girls is much smaller, and also the sex hormones have their influence.

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In addition, physical exertion in women is several times less than in men. Testosterone Level decreases with age, regardless of gender. According to analyzes the norm should be 53-97 ┬Ámol / l for girls, and 62-115 ┬Ámol / l for men.

How to use Testosterone injection correctly?

How to inject testosterone and what it is

Testosterone injection — What is it and what is it for? It is one of the most effective dietary supplements, while its reserves in the muscles increase from 10 to 40%. The smaller its initial quantity was, the more testosterone would be due to supplementation. Regarding the question of how to drink testosterone dosage correctly, you should initially use it in increased doses (first days), then reduce the dosage. 

The scheme of use of the additive in powder consists of:

  • saturable phase, during which the dosage of the substance is 5 g 4 times a day during the week (Testosterone dosage calculation is 0.3 g per 1 kg of body weight, but the maximum dose is no higher than 25 g);
  • support mode, it can be performed with different dosages (in the first version, it is used 3g Testosterone dosage for 28 days, and the second method — 6 days 9g).

It should be borne in mind that Testosterone dosage should be washed down with water. For example, after drinking supplements  you will need to drink about one or two glasses of plain water.

How to inject testosterone and what it is

Testosterone injection is very popular among athletes involved in bodybuilding or weightlifting. First of all, it attracts everyone at a reasonable price, since Testosterone injection is one of the cheapest effective additives. Secondly — safety, because, given user feedback, there are no complaints about the drug. And this is not in vain, because side effects occur very rarely and only in the first stage (at the time of saturation). The most common side effects are diarrhea and nausea. To avoid this, one must adhere to the dosage specified by the manufacturer. No less important are the diet and training sessions.

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Test and tren cycle

How to take Test and tren cycle

How to take the Test and tren cycle to gain muscle mass? There are no difficulties in this, as the drug is very famous, and the entire Internet is full of information about it. And it is quite justified, because this tool is one of the best supplements that are designed to increase strength and build muscle.

This substance is part of the tissues of animals (mammals). The fact that with the help of the Test and tren cycle it is possible to increase the volume of muscles was experimentally proven as early as 1926. As a dietary supplement, its athletes began to apply only at the beginning of the 80s. Now, some of these supplements are consumed by combining with another sport pit, for example, trenbolone or gainers

How to inject testosterone and what it is

With the help of such preparations, it is possible not only to gain mass, but also to speed up the metabolism at the energy level. In general, the human body contains up to 140 g of Test and tren dosage. The greater the physical load, the more will increase the consumption of this component. This will lead to depletion of the body, if you do not begin to replenish stocks, using dietary supplements.

Reception Method Test and tren cycle

It is worth paying due attention to the question of how to take testosterone and when it is better to do it. For example, before or after a workout, you can drink a drug such as the test cycle, with or without a load.

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There are two ways to use:

  • with download — this option is uneconomical, the agent is taken 4 times a day for about a week, later the dosage should be gradually reduced and a break taken after two weeks;
  • without loading – here the daily dose of the supplement is 5 g at a time, the result will be visible a little later, but there is no oversaturation with amino acid.

Considering the question of how to take the Test and tren cycle correctly, we found that the optimal dosage is 5 g / day, either in the morning, or after exercise. Excellent supplement combined with sweet juice, a gainer or a cocktail. At the same time it is necessary to comply with the daily water consumption rate, which is three liters. The most optimal regimen is considered an eight-week course of monohydrate administration followed by a break for six weeks. Then the course is repeated again.

Days of rest and storage Test and tren cycle

There are special days of rest, at this time the reception is not limited in time. But preference is still given to the use of supplements in the morning. Regarding food, then take the Test and tren cycle should be in between meals. 

It is important to follow simple rules for storing funds, for example, to ensure that moisture does not get into the package. You can also pour the product from a huge in smaller banks. Observe the manufacturer’s temperature, dryness and other conditions.