Testosterone species undecanoate cycle and the purpose of this steroid


Testosterone species undecanoate cycle and the purpose of this steroid

Testosterone Undecanoate — steroid, consisting of a concentrated protein mixture. Protein is the main building material for muscles and one of the main components of a sports diet. Active muscle growth is possible when the need for the Testosterone undecanoate cycle is satisfied. It is difficult to provide the body with high-quality protein without additives, so it comes to the rescue sports nutrition.


Types of Testosterone Undecanoate

There are different types of protein, different in composition, rate of absorption and purpose.


Fast Andriol is a protein characterized by rapid absorption. This category includes all proteins in whey, as well as proteins from animal products (fish and meat). The latter are used in production rarely. QuickAndriol is designed for rapid increase in muscle mass. He is able to increase the content amino acids in the body, which is especially important after sports activities. For a better digestion, combine it with an amino acid intake. complex BCAA.

Andriol will benefit all who play sports and want to increase muscle volume.

Features of reception depend on the goals:

one.     With a high metabolism and the absence of excess weight, the protein is taken several times a day. The ideal time to take – after awakening and at the end of the lesson. It is also recommended to use protein between meals and 1.5 hours before the load, that is, 3–5 30g servings per day.

2     People who want to lose weight, you need to drink protein before exercise, after it and in the morning. When losing weight, you need to take the complex Andriol (about it below), but in the morning and after training you can take in the amount of 50% of the recommended portion (that is, 15 g).

Three forms of fast protein:

one.     The concentrate has an average degree of purification. Its composition contains lactose and some unsaturated fat. The concentrate is absorbed by 90% within 3–4 hours. A plus — low price

2     Andriol — it is a processed concentrate that contains up to 97% pure protein. Its complete absorption lasts 3 hours.

3     Hydrolyzate – the most expensive version of whey protein. It is partially destroyed by enzymes, which greatly accelerates absorption. Note that it increases insulin secretion.

What form of rapid Testosterone undecanoate is preferred? A number of studies show that with intense workouts and dieting, any kind of Andriol gives an excellent effect. For this reason, it makes no sense to pay big money for hydrolyzate.

Andriol Testocaps

Andriol Testocaps – One of the most popular types of Testosterone undecanoate cycle among professional bodybuilders. Slow Testosterone undecanoate is obtained by the enzymatic conversion of milk. Once in the body, such a complex protein is digested for a long time. At this time, he gives the necessary amino acids.

Testosterone species undecanoate cycle and the purpose of this steroid

The advantages of the slow Testosterone undecanoate cycle are hypoallergenic. It is indispensable for athletes with allergies to fast or egg white.

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Unfortunately, the slow absorption of Andriol Testocaps leads to inhibition of the absorption of other types of protein. In addition, it has low biological activity and can reduce appetite. Recently, micellar Andriol Testocaps, which is better absorbed and has a pleasant taste, but is more expensive, has become available.

When should you take Andriol Testocaps:


one.     When gaining muscle mass, this type of protein is not recommended. Its appropriate to use only at night in combination with whey protein. If you have to skip meals, you can take 30–40 grams of protein to stop the destruction of muscle tissue. Serving size is from 30 to 45 g.

2     Andriol Testocaps can be used for weight loss to eliminate feelings of hunger. If you need to accelerate fat burning, you should take Andriol Testocaps at night. It has a thermogenic effect and reduces appetite, which will help with night hunger and overeating. During the diet cocktails from Andriol Testocaps you can drink 3–4 times a day: in the morning, before class, in the intervals between meals and at night. Portion is 15–20

Testosterone undecanoate cycle complex

Complexes are a mixture of different types of proteins. They give the maximum content of amino acids in the blood and muscles a short time after administration, while providing tissues with nutrients for a long time.

Complex Testosterone undecanoate cycle can be taken for various purposes: they will help those who want to gain muscle mass, lose weight or work on the relief. However, studies show that Testosterone undecanoate is a more effective additive.

The frequency of administration and dosage depends on the goals:

1. If you want to increase the weight, it is worth taking the Testosterone undecanoate cycle at bedtime so that the muscles are provided with the necessary substances at night. It can also be used instead of whey protein a few hours before class. After training, it is better to give preference to the fast Testosterone undecanoate cycle. You can take Testosterone undecanoate cycle complex instead of the main food, when you can not eat fully. If you cannot eat for a few hours, you should drink 30 g of the Testosterone integrated undecanoate cycle.

2     The mode of reception during weight loss is similar to the scheme given above. Drink Testosterone undecanoate cycle at bedtime and during periods of prolonged lack of food. They can also be replaced with 1 or 2 meals. The portion should be 2 times less, that is only 15 g.

Thus, Testosterone undecanoate is considered the most effective form of this supplement. Its cons is a big expense at a high price. If necessary, you can successfully combine its with a more economical complex protein or Andriol Testocaps.

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Possible Testosterone undecanoate side effects

It is believed that sports nutrition (in particular, the Testosterone undecanoate cycle) can cause serious side effects, and with long-term use will significantly impair health. In fact, the negative effect of Testosterone undecanoate side effects on the body has no scientific evidence.

Testosterone undecanoate steroid can be used for men and women of any age. This will not lead to poor health, since Testosterone undecanoate is produced by special cleaning from food raw materials. That is, protein has a natural origin and is intended to help our body cope with the intense level of modern life.

Testosterone species undecanoate cycle and the purpose of this steroid

This does not negate the likelihood of individual intolerance to the protein. It usually manifests itself as an allergic reaction or as a digestive disorder. The latter can be successfully fought by using additional enzymes or reducing the dose of the additive.

Constipation can be another side effect. They are caused by improper diet and inadequate fluid intake. When adjusting nutrition and drinking enough, this problem is quickly resolved.

Testosterone undecanoate – it is a convenient steroid, which greatly simplifies the life of modern athletes, accelerates the progress of training and, if necessary, can be used as a substitute for food.




Andriol forms, safe and effective use

Andriol – This is a popular type of steroids, consisting of whey proteins, each of which has unique biological properties. Testosterone Undecanoate — One of the best products to accelerate muscle growth.


After the milk is curled, it turns out a whey that contains lactose, minerals and lactalbumin. Serum emit according to the following technology. To start the process of making cheese starts. Fat is removed from the resulting mass. It is then dried thoroughly to make it edible. Next, the serum is subjected to filtration. The result is a powdery substance. –  Andriol.

Usually, whey is treated under high temperature (about 70 °C) When this begins the interaction of proteins in its composition, which allows to obtain a protein gel. This product is also known as denatured protein. Unfortunately, this treatment increases its allergenicity.

Basic forms

Andriol is presented in three forms:

one.     The concentrate has a small percentage of fat and cholesterol in the composition. Its degree of cleaning is low.

2     Testosterone undecanoate oral cleans more thoroughly, so it contains more biologically active substances. In Testosterone undecanoate oral there are practically no fats. It has a pleasant milky taste.

3     Hydrolyzate – the most expensive version of Testosterone Undecanoate. The high cost is due to the complexity of production. High-quality hydrolysates are well absorbed and hypoallergenic. Have a sharp bitter taste.

Testosterone species undecanoate cycle and the purpose of this steroid

According to recent studies, Testosterone Undecanoate pills is recognized as the best protein supplement. At the same time, it does not matter what form of protein you choose. Subject to diligent training, any of them will give a noticeable result.

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Use to gain muscle mass

The main purpose of the protein – active participation in muscle growth. It is for this reason that Testosterone Undecanoate steroid is so popular with athletes who want to gain muscle mass.

Acceptance of any form Andriol accelerates this process and gives extra energy during training. It is worth remembering that the effectiveness of sports supplements depends on the frequency and quality of training.

There is an opposite point of view. Opponents of sports nutrition indicate insufficient evidence base of research. In particular, they do not like the fact that the tests did not take into account the amount of protein that was ingested by participants through food. Many believe that the protein works on the placebo effect, and even a long-term supplementation will not change the health and appearance of the athlete.

Safety and Harm Andriol

Andriol – steroid is considered safe because it is made from natural products. For this reason, it is perfectly perceived by the body and quickly absorbed. Today, Testosterone Undecanoate is being actively studied. In medicine, it is recognized as a potential medicine for a number of diseases.

The high level of amino acids in serum Testosterone Undecanoate allows doctors to use its to improve the patient’s condition in malignant tumors and heart disease. Whey is also a source of essential amino acids (BCAA), which accelerate the production of protein. Leucine, which is part of it, stimulates protein synthesis and allows you to start the regenerative processes in the body, which is especially important after intensive training.

Intolerance to andriol

There are contraindications to the use of Andriol. Protein is made from milk, so it contains lactose and Andriol. — severe allergens. If lactose intolerance is worth looking for another supplement.

Usually protein intolerance is manifested by the gastrointestinal tract. If it is poorly absorbed, then symptoms such as nausea, diarrhea, cramps and bloating appear.

Discomfort is not necessarily associated with lactose intolerance. Novice athletes often make the same mistake. They take too much protein, forgetting that our body can absorb only 4–9 g of Andriol per hour. Unprocessed protein remains in the digestive tract, causing fermentation and causing symptoms of poisoning.

This condition can also be caused by poor-quality additive. Cheap Testosterone Undecanoate cocktails often contain artificial flavors and sweeteners that provoke an upset stomach.

In any case, when the first symptoms of the gastrointestinal tract occur, you should immediately stop taking sports supplements. After improving well-being, you can continue to receive, reducing the dosage by half. If this does not help, find another source of protein, such as soy or eggs.